How To Get Rid Of Geckos On Lanai

What can I do to keep geckos off of my patio? Be silent. Geckos are drawn to outdoor lights because it attracts insects. Keep your exterior lights off as much as you can to deter geckos from coming to your home. Use a light source that is less alluring to insects than a typical incandescent bulb when you do need outside lighting.

How can I prevent geckos from entering my screened porch? Regularly sweep your porch. At night, turn off the lights. Eliminate all water sources. Keep an eye on your bugs. Eggshells. Spray of pepper. feathers of a peacock

Will vinegar deter geckos? Lemon, vinegar, and chili powder Lemon and vinegar both make lizards gag, while chili powder can irritate their skin, eyes, and nose. You may make your own vinegar,

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