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How Intelligent Are Dachshunds

How intelligent is a Dachshund? According to Professor Stanley Coren, Dachshunds have a “average intellect.” Consequently, Stanley Coren rates the Dachshund as the 92nd most intelligent dog out of 138. Dachshunds belong to the category of “average working/obedience intelligence.” What is the dumbest breed of dog? Afghan Terrier. The Afghan Hound is the most “stupid” …

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How Did Dachshunds Evolve

How did Dachshunds originate? Hundreds of years ago, the dachshund was developed in Germany to hunt badgers. “Dach” translates to “badger” and “hund” to “dog.” The smooth-, wire-, and long-coated variants of dachshund developed at separate eras. The earliest breed was the smooth, which sprang from a cross between a small French pointer and a …

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Can Dachshunds Get Bloat

What causes Dachshunds to get bloated? Dogs get bloat when gas or food expand their stomachs. GDV occurs when the inflated stomach rotates, trapping gas within and cutting off the blood flow to the stomach. Are Dachshunds at danger for bloat? Torsion or Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus are other names for canine bloat (GDV). In general bloat …

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